C. japonica 'Royal Velvet'
Charlotte Camellia Society - 2009

March 14 - 15, 2009
Blacklion, 10605 Park Road
Charlotte, NC
Show Chairperson - Nell Palmer
514 Blooms Exhibited
350 Attendees
23 Exhibitors
Results Received 03/31/2009
Results Posted 03/31/2009

Gold Certificate (open): Bob/Jean Williams
Silver Certificate (open): Jim/Carolyn Dickson
Gold Certificate (protected): Buck/Tyler Mizzell
Silver Certificate (protected): Nancy Ballew


C. japonica open:
Lg: 'Royal Velvet', Bob/Jean Williams
Md: 'Cherie Shirah', Bob/Jean Williams
Sm: 'Pixie', Bob/Jean Williams

C. japonica protected:
Lg: 'Tomorrow's Dawn', Nancy Ballew
Md: 'Ville de Nantes', Buck/Tyler Mizzell
Sm: 'Jackie D', Buck/Tyler Mizzell

C. reticulata (Inc. hybrids w/retic parent): 'Frank Houser', Geary/Bonnie Serpas

C. hybrid (w/no retic parent): 'Freedom Bell', David/Anna Sheets

Best Miniature: 'Fircone', Nancy Ballew

Best Seedling: 'Al Ewan', Bob/Jean Williams

Best White Bloom japonica - over 2 1/2": 'Han-Ling Snow', Bob/Jean Williams


Tray of Three, same variety, open: 'Red Velvet', Mary Lamperski
Tray of Three, different varieties, open: 'Gullio Nuccio/Georgia National Fair/Borem's Gem', Bob/Jean Williams

Tray of Three, same variety, protected: 'Midnight Magic', Buck/Tyler Mizzell
Tray of Three, different varieties, protected: 'Lady Laura Red/Tomorrow's Dawn/Melissa', Buck/Tyler Mizzell

Best Novice Bloom: 'Princess Lavender', Frank Rubbo
Best Local Bloom: 'Betty Jay Sanders', Yonatola Jona

'Dixie Knight Supreme', Geary/Bonnie Serpas
'Lauren Tudor', Buck/Tyler Mizzell
'Tudor Baby', Buck/Tyler Mizzell
'Buddy', Martha/Wesley Fisher
'Pope Pius IX', Frank Rubbo
'Lila Naff', Lee Poe
'Lavender Prince II', Bob/Jean Williams
'Little Slam', Bob/Jean Williams
'Midnight Magic', Buck/Tyler Mizzell
'Paul Haskee', Geary/Bonnie Serpas