C. japonica 'Betty Foy Sanders'
Camellia Care & Culture

ACS Instructional Videos - Camellia Care & Culture
New Feature! Mark Crawford of Loch Laurel Nursery of Valdosta, Georgia presents instructional videos on Bark Grafting and Disbudding & Gibbing. More videos to come!!!!
Camellia Encyclopedia
The "Camellia Encyclopedia" contains pictures and technical information about almost 800 varieties of camellias.
General Culture & Requirements
When should I prune? Will my camellia grow in the sun? What is the best soil for my camellia? You'll find plenty of information here to help make growing camellias a pleasure!
Camellia Diseases and Insects
Camellias are very hardy plants, but just in case you do have a problem here is the answer - NEW FEATURE!!!!
A favorite subject among growers and Hobby gardeners. Learn how to air layer, graft and propogate by seed.
Developing New Camellias
Explore the possiblities of creating new camellias. You'll find information here ranging from hybridizing, seed production to registration of seedlings.
Camellia Cultivars Registered by the ACS
Camellias Cultivars Registered by the American Camellia Society - 2000 through the present.
Naming and Registering New Cultivars
Find out how to register your flower. You'll find these tips and rules useful in your project.
Gardening With Camellias
Everything you need to know about Gardening with Camellias including Landscape Gardening, Container Culture and much more
The Camellia Family
There are many members in the Camellia Family! Enjoy learning about the many diverse species and all that they have to offer! Camellia Species, Camellia Relatives, Everblooming Camellias, Cold Hardy Camellias, Some Like it Hot, Fragrant Camellias and Yellow Camellias
The Tea Connection
Camellia sinsensis, also known as The Tea Plant is much more than a camellia! You find information on care and culture, uses and other great information surrounding this well known Camellia!
The Camellia Journey
Where did the camellia come from? Who was Judge Solomon? These are some of the questions you'll find answers to in the Camellia Journey