ACS Zoom Presentations

ACS Zoom Presentations

  • Full length prsentations recorded during 2020/2021 Camellia Season  

  • On order of 1 hour in length

  • Presented by nationally-recognized experts

  • Stored on youtube

"The Betty Sheffield Story" by Carol Selph

"New Camellias - 2020" by Randolph Maphis

"Everything we have learned about Camellias" by Randolph Maphis

"Restoration Pruning 2020" by Mark Crawford

"The Best Camellias for Your Garden" by Brad King

"Randolph Maphis Talks About Production Grafting" by Randolph Maphis

"The Camellia crown Jewels - Descanso, Huntington & Nuccio's" by Bradford King

"The Best Reticulatas" by Randolph Maphis

"The Most Popular Camellias Bred in Each State" by Bradford King

"Exciting New Camellia Varieties" by J. D. Thomerson

"American Camellia Classics" by Forrest latta

"Dr. Gao's Camellia Breeding Nursery" by Brenda Litchfield

"Camellias - Culture, Art and Romance" by Hunter Charbonnet

"Camellias Breeding Triumphs" by Bradford King