1969 American Camellia Yearbook

Table of Contents

Inside Cover and Copyright

What is the American Camellia Society?

ii Alison J. and Ella Ward Parsons

v Dedication to Alison J. Parsons

Alan J. Hofheimer

ix American Camellia Society: Officers, State Directors, Directors-at-Large, Fellows, Past Presidents

x Table of Contents- Color Illustrations

1 In Appreciation

David L. Feathers

4 Surprises, Contrasts, and Delights

Dr. James A Smart

13 Things Camelliawise In Japan

Charles L. Keeton

21 Kosaku Sawada

George Sawada

28 Camellia Dynamo-Ferol Zerkowsky

Dr. E. E. Puls

33 Gibberellins for an Early Show

John I. Wear

35 Gib Tests on the National Arboretum Collection of Camellia Japonica

Arthur A. Maryott

40 Light Application to Plant Life

Christos C. Mpelkas

47 Systemics Up to Date

Dr. Donald L. Schuder

52 Occlusion Grafts

Mrs. John C. Braun

56 C. Reticulata ... The Offspring Have Sprung!

Howard E. Burnette

62 A Potpourri of Facts Upon Cold Resistance of Camellia Buds and Other Things

Wendell M. Levi

75 Cold Hardiness of Camellias in the Washington-Baltimore Area

Dr. Arthur A. Mayott

79 Camellia History a-la-Chart

Charles L. Keeton

81 Kamel and Linnaeus

84 The Art of Making Artificial Flowers

Bea Howe

86 Japanese Camellia Varieties of 1710

Ihei Ito

96 New West Coast Introductions

A. H. Dekker

100 New Varieties from the Southeast

Joseph H. Pyron

104 American Camellia Society 1967-68 Popularity Poll

J. Carroll Reiners

107 Camellias in the Golden Isles of Georgia

Lloyd Y. Flanders

110 Some Observations on Camellia Practices in England

George Du Brul

116 Shipping Camellia Blooms

Dr. C. E. Scarsbrook

118 The 1967-68 Arrangement Contest

Mrs. Francis L. Edmondston

158 Camellias Registered 1968

168 Cumulative Index, 1958-1968

184 Author Index, 1959-1968

199 List of Members

296 List of Member Societies and Clubs

299 List of International Members